House Rules

What the drek is this all about, chummer?

A bit about me

Thanks for taking a look and possibly taking an interest in playing. My experience as a DM is not as extensive as some others that I know, but I strongly believe I’ve grown exponentially ever since I first took on the daunting task.

As a DM, I see my role as the director and my PCs are the stars of the show. I throw the obstacles, and you figure out a way to knock them down. At times, I can and will ask my PCs to chime in and allow them to take the driver’s wheel for a bit as I enjoy RPGs for the Collaborative Storytelling.

A bit about the setting

Shadowrun is a world that combines technology, magic, fantasy, and cyberpunk. What I like about Shadowrun is the futuristic aspect, while still retaining a sense of “realness” that we don’t quite get from some Sci-Fi features that are set way into the future. It takes the grittiness & seriousness of Blade Runner, the heist aspect of Hackers and Johnny Mnemonic, and just a splash of zaniness like in Futurama. However, it is in my opinion that the Shadowrun system is quite convoluted and not beginner friendly. That is where Savage Worlds comes in, as it as fast, fun generic RPG system with minimal bookkeeping so we can focus on more important things, like collaborative storytelling.

Why Hawaii and not Seattle , for instance, where the true Shadowrun sprawl takes place? Because Hawaii is a very familiar territory for me and I truly imagine the world far more vividly than a location I’ve never visited or a completely imaginary one in which I would have to build from the ground up.

I thought you said there are House Rules?

Yes, there are.

  • Attendance: This campaign will be very “episodic”, meaning ideally that each session, it will involve a beginning, middle, and conclusion of an adventure. If you attend, then your character will get experience and advance. If you don’t, not a big deal, but you’re character will likely fall behind. At the bare minimum, I will need at least THREE players to attend to run the mission.
  • Combat: The world of Shadowrun is a brutal savage place. It is highly possible that your character may perish. I will be utilizing some optional rules found in the Savage Worlds book that I hope will make combat more exciting!
  • Reputation Stat: In the world of Shadowrun, your image is a huge asset. It can determine how people will react to you, favorably and unfavorably. We will be using a Reputation Stat that can be leveled up (or down) depending on the success of missions.
  • Critical Glitch: Not sure if this is mentioned in the Test Drive Rules, but if a PC or I roll “Snake Eyes” (Double 1’s) on a Trait roll, it is deemed as a Critical Failure and can’t be rerolled through the expenditure of a Benny.
  • Cyberware/Bioware: What kind of cyberpunk game would this be without cool cybernetic enhancements?!?! Relax, chummer, you’ll get your shot at implanting biometric reading eyes or alloy-coated legs with secret gun holsters. There are some weird rules that involve a stat called Essence and such, but we will be keeping it simple and explain the rules for cybernetics when we cross that bridge.

This may sound like a lot, but I assure you, it is a pretty simple, fast, and FUN game. If you have any questions, let me know.

Happy hunting, chummers

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House Rules

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