Savage Sixth World : Hawaii Edition

Session 0: It's Aloha Friday!

Firstly, I was a bit distracted by some RL issues so I wasn’t mentally all that there today. Things I wish to work on for future sessions: 1) Getting the rules and rolls down better; 2) setting up the scene; 3) describing what is going on around the players to create a sense of a living breathing world; and 4) flesh out some locations and corporate influence in the setting.

Next session will be better. I promise.

With that out of the way, on to the recap!

  • Meet the Crew
  • Hiroshi ‘’Hero" Sakamoto – Street Sammie orphan whose Yakuza parents were kidnapped before Hero’s eyes. The next time he saw them, they were thrown out in the street, with wounds showing they committed seppuku. His uncles put Hero on a flight to Hawaii to lay low. Hero believes a childhood friend setup the kidnapping to get ahead of next in line for Yakuza leadership.
  • Herbert “Poke Squid” Souza – A gifted technophile dwarf that fell through the ranks of Punahou to St. Louis to Farrington to eventual school dropout. Has a far better time speaking with computers and the Matrix than with other people.
  • Lono Sander – The quintessential male Face. Elf race is mandatory as Face. Lono is local talent that scored small gigs in almost every Hawaii film or TV production made in Hawaii. His face is highly recognizable, but never can be pinpointed. “Eh, you da kine?!” is a phrase that he hears all the time. Using his gorgeous looks, he sells high value property in Waikiki.
  • “Pepper” – A mystery amongst the rest of the crew, Pepper is an elf from an “outer” island. Pepper makes it a point to find out as much as he can about YOU while guarding his own life very well. Claims to be a Mage, but is yet to show off any “magic”.
  • The Story So Far
  • Herbert excited finds some juicy data from scouring various BBSes on the Matrix and desperately tries to sell it to anyone, while maintaining two-week old body odor
  • At Wo Fat, Pepper’s seedy local eatery, George Hampton, a business owner, pleas for the public to help him find his missing daughter, Moxie
  • Pepper tries to round up a crew, first approaching his homeless buddie Herbert.
  • Herbert steals a Ford Aerostar by hacking its computer system. Claims it was given to him by his “Vietnamese Uncle”
  • Pepper, after many many barely successful attempts, manages to actually get Hero, Herbert, and Lono to go and check out Hau Lani Holistic Healthcare and see George Hampton about his missing daughter
  • George confesses to the group that a local gang “Da Hui” took his daughter as collateral for missing protection payments
  • Da Hui suspects that George is withholding his true earnings and believe George can pay the protection fee that Da Hui demands
  • As punishment, they’ve been scaring off customers by vandalizing cars, loitering in front of Hau Lani, and being a nuisance to the area
  • The crew is highly skeptical of George, so they dig deep: hack into financial records, Moxie’s school records, check George’s office for anything suspicious, etc.
  • So far, all evidence seems to align and confirm George’s story
  • Lono takes George over to one of the few remaining Zippy’s on Kapahulu to make a deal: move out of Kapahulu, buy some office space in Waikiki, and pay the Yakuza the protection fee. George wants nothing to do with any crime organizations, but wants his daughter’s life first and foremost
  • The crew learns of an L&L franchise on Ke’eaumoku St that serves as a business front for Da Hui and decide to case the place and Dean, the leader of Da Hui, out
It's practically almost finished!

Just throwing in some final touches to this page.

Checking if I crossed my T’s and dotted the i’s.


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